Transpersonal Theory & the Astrological Mandala: An Evolutionary Model by Gerry Goddard
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Transpersonal Theory & the Astrological Mandala: An Evolutionary Model was originally conceived as a long essay that I sent in 1994 to Suzy Harvey, then the editor of the Astrological Journal of Great Britain. Of course, it was too long and theoretically dense for publication in the Journal, but Suzi's most enthusiastic and encouraging response helped to keep me going, to increase my scholarship and to expand and deepen my core idea into its present form thirteen years later. Suzi Harvey saw the value in my philosophical approach to astrology as wedded to the field of transpersonal studies and chose to publish my paper "The Mutable Cross and the Postmodern Ethos" in her anthology Orpheus: Voices in Contemporary Astrology. It was her acknowledgements and also those of her late husband, Charles Harvey, which further fired the resolve of this autodidact to continue in his relative isolation. I must also thank Darby Costello for her most enthusiastic response to that paper.

A few years later “out of the blue” I approached both Stan Grof and Rick Tarnas with an essay in transpersonal theory, "Airing our Transpersonal Differences“. I am so grateful for their open willingness at that time to read this work, after which they were very supportive and encouraging to me. To be acknowledged by two prominent transpersonalists provided me with the further empowerment that I needed to carry on with my attempt to operate competently in both the transpersonal and astrological fields. Rick Tarnas has since become a valued and continuingly supportive friend.

I also wish to acknowledge Michael Washburn who discovered my “Airing” paper on line and who, despite certain philosophical differences between us, was most generous in his comments. I have come to look up to Mike as an example of “a true gentleman and a scholar”, a still much-needed example of that commitment to truth which is greater than self.

Many thanks to Frank Visser who discovered my Airing paper at that time and placed it on his then fledgling World of Ken Wilber page, later to become the high quality Integral World website that publishes many thoughtful papers on-line in transpersonalism including a number of mine. I was very pleased when Patrice Guinard showed interest in my astrological work and published a few of my papers on his much respected CURA web-page. I appreciate that over the years a few of my papers have appeared in the Astrological Journal. I have a special thanks to Candy Hillenbrand of Australia for her openness to my work, for some interesting e-mail exchanges and for publishing some of my pieces in her very fine journal The Wholistic Astrology.

Over the years I have heard from and communicated with a number of others who showed a supportive interest in my work. Michael Zimmerman, Frank Poletti, Jeff Lohrius, Bill Streett, Renn Butler, June Katzen are the names that come to mind. Most recently, Frank Poletti suggested that I put my book on-line while perhaps working on a shorter version concentrating on the astrological model per se for possible publication in hard copy. I also wish to acknowledge Ray Grasse for his supportive feedback over the years. Also I appreciate Christopher Bache for his encouraging feedback and several edifying exchanges. I must mention Jorge Ferrer to whom my intellectual debt is obvious in TTAM. I thank Jorge very much for urging me to submit an article to Revision which was subsequently published and serves as an introduction to the present work.

I know I must be forgetting others to whom I am also grateful whose feedback has helped to keep me going throughout this long project.

I also wish to espress gratitude to my astrology clients and also students of the occasional astrology classes which I have given over the last twenty some odd years who not only fed my hands-on astrological knowledge but who also have kept me down to earth and helped prevent me from retreating too much into my own cerebral and metaphysical interior.

Above all, a genuine debt of gratitude goes to my life partner and soul companion on the levels of both heart and mind, Roberta DeDoming, who really does “understand me” as difficult as that task may be. I would not have been able otherwise to have gathered together within myself those various discordant parts which would eventually be brought together later in life to achieve what I always wanted to achieve. Without Roberta’s sharp and poetic editorial eye, her often exasperated harangues offset by her incredible humour and her computer/website skills this manuscript, and all my other writings for that matter, would have never seen the light of day.

As a final word, my intellectual and spiritual debts are obvious from reading the book: My original training in analytical philosophy, Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Alan Watts, the Zen Masters from Kapleau to Beck, Carl Jung and the Jungians, Erich Neumann, Dane Rudhyar, Stephen Arroyo, Robert Hand, Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Stanislav Grof, Richard Tarnas, Huston Smith, Ken Wilber, Michael Washburn, Charles Taylor and many others.