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Little Bear Star Maps Lives Here!

Our Context - in brief
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A unique & comprehensive astrological gift
for parents of newborns to 6 year olds.

Our product is given special mention as an "invaluable keepsake of a baby's birth" in the November 1998 issue of American Baby Magazine

An insightful & charming blend
of New Age Wisdom & Old World Charm

Your child's astrological profile

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Our Context

Little Bear Star Maps astrological keepsake package is created by Roberta DeDoming and her partner, astrologer Gerry Goddard.

We have tried to make Little Bear Star Maps empowering and encouraging to parents. It does not predict. It guides and supports parents by giving them astrological insights from their child's birthchart, backed up by sound and up-to-date psychological ideas, that can help bring out the best in each child.

Above all, a Little Bear Star Map acknowledges and respects each child's unique individuality and freedom of choice ~ whatever birthchart they may have.

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A Little Bear Star Map will help parents identify those areas of natural strength and those areas of a child's being that might, through the years, need extra focus, energy and support.

Little Bear says: "It really helps to know if you are dealing with a Rose child, an Oak child or perhaps an Acorn squash child! Goodness me, you certainly wouldn't want to cultivate a Pom Pom Dahlia in the same way as you would a Sugar Snap Pea!"

We think Little Bear is pretty special and quite perceptive!

uh oh, get ready!

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And we think you'll enjoy your Little Bear Star Map!

Personalized Gift Certificates are available for Little Bear Star Maps packages so consider giving one for a pre~baby shower gift or blessing ceremony.

A colourful certificate is presented to the prospective parent(s). When the baby is born, they phone our toll-free line and we'll make up their pre-paid package & send it off immediately with a special mention of the gift-giver!

For each Little Bear Star Map we'll need:
US customers ~ $40 US FUNDS (plus $6 airmail postage & handling)
Canadian customers ~ $39 CAN FUNDS (plus $3 airmail postage & handling)

If you find a more comprehensive, affordable, astrology package for children anywhere, please let us know.

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just e-mail or phone
Toll-free Canada & USA: 1-877-335-2913
(local phone in the Comox Valley, BC: 703-4731)
(Pacific time zone)

You can always reach us Little Bear Lives Here!

Mailing Address:
2083 Anna Place
Courtenay, B.C.
V9N 9B4, Canada

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